A Random Muse

Sitting over my key board, I feverishly wrote my characters into a web of lustful intention. Why? Because that is what I do. I am a romance writer above anything else. I like to make people fall in total lust with each other. It makes me happy.

My mid-day wine break found me laying in a sunlit room, all the windows open, and enjoying what the day had to offer. The funny thing about sunshine is that you never think about how good it feels till you are back in it. Betty Page would say that it was invigorating to bathe naked in the sunlight with all the windows wide open. She said it kept you young. Look at her, she was amazing. Add a glass of wine in there and it didn’t seem like a bad Idea.

I had contemplated a time or two of sending a picture to the husband to break up the boring meeting I knew he was in at the moment. This kind of naughty inspirational thinking helped every so often when I needed a jolt to make my characters performance. There is no one more inspiring to me, than my husband.

The moment my ‘oh so good idea’ went bad, came when a knock on the door made me miss my lip and dribble my wine down the front of my chest. Wrap in hand, I scrambled to look somewhat decent enough to answer the door. I opened it slightly to see who it was. I was so not ready for what I saw.

The bouquet was large and beautiful . The note was tiny and hard to find. I thanked the delivery girl and took my flowers inside. I opened the card as the smell of the fresh cut flowers hit me.

“Still not as beautiful as you.”

Sometimes the best gift in the world, is knowing the one you love, is thinking of you too. Real life love is so much better than fiction.


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