A Random Muse

My favorite thing to do as a writer is people watch. Here in sunny Florida, maybe not so much this week, I am amazed at what people do in their cars. I have seen people making out, singing like no one is watching, even personal grooming in their rear view mirror. Some things have seen are really gross, but, all of it leads to one thing. To those people, that is their life.

You sit and you wonder about your life. You see it from this one side of a multifaceted existence. And rarely get to feel or see what someone else is seeing. Stephanie Meyer thrilled readers when she started to release ‘Midnight Sun’. Yes readers I love ‘Twilight’… Don’t judge me.

The whole thing was the Twilight series from Edward’s perspective. I mean I have to admit I knew I was going to love it. What a treat. At story you know so well because you have ready it over and over again… and now you get more??? Who wouldn’t be in love with this writer?

Writing from third party perspective may allow you to give more information, but, writers tend to jump all over the place trying to get the story told and all the information in. I tend to get whip lash from the back and forth between characters. Who does it flawlessly. JR Ward. I love the way she writes.

Writing from first person may give you an incredible sense of the character and what is going on in their mind, but it limits you on what you are seeing around you. . It may be hard to put in crucial pieces of story line, but it is easier to surprise your reader. Stephanie Meyer fixed this by creating ‘Midnight Sun”. Please Stephanie, if somehow this blog reaches you. For the love of all that is holy… Finish that Book!!!!

Writing form is as important to a story line as the characters themselves. It is good to decide early on how much information you want to give and how much you are going to leave for sequels and companion books. Like Anne rice, She didn’t give a lot of background to the Mayfair witches so someone helped her out and published the companion. Sometimes the more information you have is not always better. Sometimes a little mystery goes a long way.


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