An author’s strange muse.

This is a really great guy. I am always excited by the release of new authors and I love when they have a base in history. Love for the written word knows no bounds. Love for a good story knows no limits. Great Job Graham! I can’t wait to purchase my copy!

Graham Writer

The gravestone was leaning against the wall of the church. I walked over and read the inscription, ‘Watkin Watkins, Farmer, Departed this life 8th June 1730.’
‘Who was he?’
‘He’s your nine times grandfather,’ replied my wife. I touched the letters. The slate crumbled in my hand. After three hundred years of mountain wind and rain, nature was reclaiming the rock and the words would soon be lost. My wife’s research into our family history had brought us to the remote graveyard in Vaynor, South Wales, her enquiries drawn back a veil revealing our ancestors; farmers, stonemasons, engineers and family skeletons adding colour to our family’s past. I turned to look at a nearby grave, bigger and more imposing; an eight ton slab of pink granite surrounded by iron railings. The words were simple, ‘Robert Thompson Crawshay, Died May 10th 1789, aged 62 years, God Forgive Me.’ My curiosity took command…

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