Working on Rewrite Hell.

Sitting in front of a novel you have read several times, is not fun. For most writers out there, the enjoyment stops when you have put the story to paper. Rewrites are tedious and boring and last thing on your list behind creating and research.

Not even to mention getting something back from the editor that needs to be fixed. Geeze Louise! Having a story line with a hole is more annoying than picking out the perfect outfit for the day and breaking a zipper. You have to start your thinking process all over again.

How many times have you left a story to let someone else work their magic only to have that person send it back with one thing to fix and you have no clue what you were thinking when you wrote it? Me? All the freaking time! Sometimes I look at the Amazing Mr. Black after an edit and he is afraid to tell me things are wrong.

“Dear, it’s only a rewrite.”

My heart sinks and I feel all the blood drain from my face. It’s only a rewrite? Sigh. Send me to the dentist for a root canal. That, at least, would be more fun.

This goes right along with Scary Editors blog. An Editor does truly have a crappy, thankless job. They can only work so hard if you are not able to meet them half way. They may have the ability to make you look good, but, it is your responsibility as a creator to do just that. Create! Invest. Fix. Your heart and soul is already in it to win it. You have battled hell and high water to write it. Fight a little more to make it amazing.

If any one has the inclination… there should be a position between narcissistic writer and egotistical publishers that can smooth out the story for both parties. A book negotiator. Someone who works with the editor so the writer isn’t driving them insane and deals with the publisher to give the writer a little buffer to be creative. If anyone has found one of these unicorns, please let me know. I wish to clone them and have one of my very own.



5 thoughts on “Working on Rewrite Hell.

  1. Oh, jeez, I’m sorry! I hope the editing and rewriting process doesn’t drive you too crazy! I just finished up the rewrite/second draft of my novel, so sending it to a professional editor is next. Hopefully I can survive that criticism and any holes the editor points out! Good luck to us both!

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