Being angry about views, likes, and follows.

After catching up from a horribly busy week, I sat down this morning to catch up on blogs that I am missing. Man, jobs are demanding. And when you are dealing with other people’s money, they are pretty sore when you don’t give it your full attention. But, I digress.  The topic among lots of writers is the views they get. And what I want to know is why are you so angry? I am ecstatic if I get one view a day. and it is usually a week and that is more than likely my husband. He sits at work, at his council of super villains, wondering if I am posting naked in the sun room…. Again, I digress.

The world has billions of people in it. You are not going to get to everyone in a short amount of time. Honestly not everyone is that interested in blogging. So your blog is totally for you. Weather you are wanting to be in the big time or not. The only thing that should run in your brain, why you are writing, is the thought that is bursting to get out. The chances are that someone in the world, at that moment, needs that encouragement, slap in the face or plain old nice words from someone else. We are all connected like that.

Write, like no one is watching. We have a voice in side of us that whispers to us about what we must right. It is not about views or comments. these are things that come with the territory. You want to be popular, then do what you did in high school. Network, make friends, do what you need to to satisfy that instant gratification to prove you are doing something worthwhile with your time.

You want to be a well read blogger… then keep blogging. No one is a success overnight. no one just jumps in a blog and is an instant hit. Listen to the voice in side of you and put your words up for the world to see. If you get something back great! But your blog, should not be judged by your following.



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