Being Married to Super Villain.

For those who are just joining me around the world. My name is Rowan Black. I am a sassy curvaceous beauty who likes to sunbathe naked, write wonderful stories, and inspire people in the best ways. I am also Married to a “Super Villain”.

I know you are thinking this might be a touch counter productive.  Me Trying to save the world and him plotting against it.  Why fight it. We have many super villains working in office, one more can’t hurt. But honestly, our home life works well.

Being the wife of the Amazing Dr. Black is not an easy task. One he is a stubborn ass. We fight, we make up. We fight, we go to dinner. We fight. But it is all good and fun because I know that even if I could trust nothing else in the world, I can trust him Completely.

You may not know this about a super villain, if they love you, you never have to doubt them. The only thing is, it is hard (very hard) for them to love. So when you hear me talk about my Amazing Dr. Black, do not take it for granted that he is a nice guy. He is still a super villain. He is still plotting to take over the world. He is still sitting at the head of a league of ruthless individuals that are behind most of the conspiracy theories.  But, I still make him take his shoes off at the door and take out the trash before he relaxes at the end of the day.

You may have grown accustomed to the movie screen villains who bring doom and destruction. But honestly, could you take them seriously in a bathrobe? I am the wife of a super villain. You may not hear much about the affairs of my husband. But I hope you enjoy reading everything else.


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