Inspiration in Writers Block.

I figured it was time to come out of hiding. For the last few months I have had the most unbelievable time trying to think of something to write. My stories do not thrill me. I guess it is true when you get older it is harder to think of the things that used to flow through you like water… or wine.

I brushed the dust off my PC this morning and took to twitter. Yes even though my writing has left much to be desired my twitter followers grow daily. Strange… but true. I am on the hunt for a new Muse. Something the tickles my very insides and make me gasp for air in delight. A project if you will that I can get lost in now that my world feels at its darkest. The moths of seclusion have brought forth in me a darkness I wish to shed so I may rejoin the abundance of the light hearted beings trying to save this world.

Scrolling through twitter I have found many half inspirational things. So now I have taken to my deeply neglected fan base. Hoping a few are left who follow me that will lift me up even though I am undeserving. Who here has an inspirational story that will bring me out of this truly terrifying gutter?


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