Demand for Authenticity

Source: Demand for Authenticity

I found this on a friends sight and all I can think is ” Damn! Out of the mouth of babes.” Here I am lost, only to find desire and wonderful writers such as this, that capture my mind and my heart with loving words of “What if”. That is my job as a writer, the job of every writer, is to look into the imagination of the masses and pull into written word their desire. A treasure of time. To polish that written word so when a reader happens to find said treasure it will play a movie in their mind that makes them dream, long, imagine.

Thank you Bittersweet! Your Demand for Authenticity has pulled at a longing inside of me. I long to inspire the dreamers. I long to dance in the moon light with a trail of millions of wild imaginations winding around my body, collecting their stories. Reflecting their love and their dreams to feed more minds to worship my dance. We live in an amazing time. Where dreams are only limited by the imagination.

Thank you, for reminding me of my Purpose.


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