One Step Closer…


As little girls we dream of the perfect love. we search for it in every word, every smile, every man in our life including our fathers. We search for the kind of love that makes us whole and cling to any shred of it that we can find. This leads us down a long road of bad decisions, lost paths and hardships that break many of us in ways we can never heal from.

The definition of love is an unequivocal fondness or sexual attachment to another person place or thing. A chemical reaction in your brain that causes a vast expansion of your hearts boundaries. Like a balloon your hearts energy will swell and shrink with the ups and down that love, or the absence of, causes your heart. I had forgotten exactly what that was till not long ago.

I watch a couple one morning in a small dinner I had gone into. Being on my own, I was sitting by myself when they first walked in arm and arm. The girl was not young but not yet in her 40’s. The man was younger than she but had lived a full life, the gray peaking from his temples and beard. The way she looked at him was easily mistaken for new love. Two people just meeting in the honeymoon bliss of happiness. Yet, as they sat down in front of me I felt pushed out of a bubble of reality. It was like time stopped around them as they looked at each other. I must say, i felt like a peeping tom in the most sensual moment I have ever experience… and I am a writer of sensual moments.

I sat there, awestruck. I felt like the little girl who waited for the first time Katherine had kiss Vincent in my favorite show. The roller coaster, the butterflies banging on the walls of my stomach urging that one kiss. Being an empath, I was sucked into their emotions, and noticed no one in the room seemed to be feeling them they way I did. No one else seemed to notice the beauty in what I was seeing, accept for the waitress. Who blushed when ever she got close afraid to approach the two lovers if she could help it. She, like myself, felt like she was walking in on a very intimate moment.

The thirty minutes I had sat there watching these two people, seemed like forever. I had watched scenes in movies but never in real life. I have written a millions scenes and dreamed a million dreams that might aspire for this level of evoking emotion, but, this is the first time I had ever seen it in person. I paid my bill and stopped by their table asking them how long they had been together. ” A thousand years,” the girl said with her eyes glowing with such a radiant love. “And I pray for a thousand more.”

He smiled and kissed her and I felt the floor shift under my feet. I felt the earth move and I was only a witness to this. This love that is so without equal the whole dinner gave pause in silence to witness it. I feel my next story. I have witnessed true love and I wish to tell the world of its beginning.

I looked at them and honestly I can believe that this love has no equal. It has nothing in our time or any language, culture or history, that could equal the marvel of its existence. I have witnessed eternal love, and it was a glorious sight.


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