A beautiful muse found in rewrite hell….

As every one knows I am a writer.  Scribbling poetry, stories and the occasional blog for any one who will listen. My latest work of fiction has become my true calling.  my passion littered in the pages of an unsuspecting vessel preparing for the world to read.

The problem?

I cannot keep my grammatical errors from interrupting the flow.  Sigh, Yes I needed an editor. As luck would have it I met one by chance through another editor and she has just sent me my first notes. I am about half way through all the red comments and it struck me, just how much of a godsend she is.

Every charming note, and questioning notation has not only been amusing,but, inspiring. She takes all the creative interpretation out of the project and tells you what needs to happen. I am finding out I adore that.

For all the authors that know just how hard it is to find a really good editor… I cannot tell you enough how amazing she truly is. I am looking forward to making this book a world wide must read for people everywhere.  Lets see if we can hit the best seller list…. together.


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