Being lost in the eyes of an unknowing Muse…

While thinking today about screen writing, and what actors would play my characters in a movie, I got side tracked.  I was supposed to be working on rewrites for my editor. Instead I clicking through online photos for inspiration. I of course stopped on my favorite actor right away.

I remember the first time I watched Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. He was handsome and scary and all I could think was I would not have fought him. with ever movie he continues to win over that part of my imagination the thrills my senses and causes me to writes the most wonderful scenes.

In Phantom of the Opera I was glued to my seat. I watched it again and again hoping for a sequel.  Then I found “Love Never Dies”. So if anyone following me knows Mr. Butler…. Tell him this must happen.

In so many of his films, you do not get to see the charm and wit he is unable to display in some characters. But never the less he is amazingly versatile and carries a presence that bleeds over into still photos and silent interaction. No wonder just looking into the mans eyes causes a woman to pause, even in an empty room.

The thoughts “if only” followed by an overwhelming love scene marching its way through my brain have me sitting here working on something new.

Inspiration Achieved.


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