If you love them….

I have been thinking the last day or so about the old saying, “If you love them set them free.”

I don’t believe it.

If you have to make a choice between loving someone and letting them go, then it isn’t love to begin with. You cannot let love go any more then you can give up your heart because it’s broken. Love can be forgotten if neglected, turned if it is ignored, but, never let go of.

Love is listening to the rain with the windows open late at night.  Love is comfort when you are sad, a hug when you are lonely and a text when you feel like no one cares at all.

Love is your best friend, your strength and your joy.

I, like many others on this planet, want love. I want to be chosen, every day to be loved. I want someone to look at me with the joy that shows me, I am the one that makes them happy.  So to you I have this to say;


You are my best friend. You are my joy. You are the one I choose today and every day.  We may be apart, we may not speak at all and that’s OK. But I cannot see my life without you in it. I cannot let you go because I love you. You have my heart and love knows no barriers. You are so quiet….. What are you thinking?

Do you miss me at all?


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