Getting back to me.

It has been a long road the last few years. After the loss of my dear Doctor Black and going back home, my world fell apart around me. In my days of being lost from everything I had come to love about my life in a big city, I am back in the mountains trying to gain back what I had lost.

I lost my love, I have lost my voice, I have lost every thing. And so my journey begins.

Being back online is a huge step for me. My footprint online has diminished to almost nothing. I am looking to gain back my following. How do you survive so much loss, and still love with everything in you. Come… let me show you.


Starting A new Chapter…

For those who have followed me, or did when I was posting, I have taken on a new part of my life. I have left the association of super villains, and with it my beloved Dr. Black. I have taken back my maiden name and vowed to write once again.

Loving someone is never easy and leaving them, is even harder. So begins a new chapter in my life. A new journey to experience. Maybe one day will be able to love all over again. But, for now, inspiration for a new day shall be my companion. May every one who comes across my words, be blessed.

Rowen Beauchamp

One Step Closer…


As little girls we dream of the perfect love. we search for it in every word, every smile, every man in our life including our fathers. We search for the kind of love that makes us whole and cling to any shred of it that we can find. This leads us down a long road of bad decisions, lost paths and hardships that break many of us in ways we can never heal from.

The definition of love is an unequivocal fondness or sexual attachment to another person place or thing. A chemical reaction in your brain that causes a vast expansion of your hearts boundaries. Like a balloon your hearts energy will swell and shrink with the ups and down that love, or the absence of, causes your heart. I had forgotten exactly what that was till not long ago.

I watch a couple one morning in a small dinner I had gone into. Being on my own, I was sitting by myself when they first walked in arm and arm. The girl was not young but not yet in her 40’s. The man was younger than she but had lived a full life, the gray peaking from his temples and beard. The way she looked at him was easily mistaken for new love. Two people just meeting in the honeymoon bliss of happiness. Yet, as they sat down in front of me I felt pushed out of a bubble of reality. It was like time stopped around them as they looked at each other. I must say, i felt like a peeping tom in the most sensual moment I have ever experience… and I am a writer of sensual moments.

I sat there, awestruck. I felt like the little girl who waited for the first time Katherine had kiss Vincent in my favorite show. The roller coaster, the butterflies banging on the walls of my stomach urging that one kiss. Being an empath, I was sucked into their emotions, and noticed no one in the room seemed to be feeling them they way I did. No one else seemed to notice the beauty in what I was seeing, accept for the waitress. Who blushed when ever she got close afraid to approach the two lovers if she could help it. She, like myself, felt like she was walking in on a very intimate moment.

The thirty minutes I had sat there watching these two people, seemed like forever. I had watched scenes in movies but never in real life. I have written a millions scenes and dreamed a million dreams that might aspire for this level of evoking emotion, but, this is the first time I had ever seen it in person. I paid my bill and stopped by their table asking them how long they had been together. ” A thousand years,” the girl said with her eyes glowing with such a radiant love. “And I pray for a thousand more.”

He smiled and kissed her and I felt the floor shift under my feet. I felt the earth move and I was only a witness to this. This love that is so without equal the whole dinner gave pause in silence to witness it. I feel my next story. I have witnessed true love and I wish to tell the world of its beginning.

I looked at them and honestly I can believe that this love has no equal. It has nothing in our time or any language, culture or history, that could equal the marvel of its existence. I have witnessed eternal love, and it was a glorious sight.

Demand for Authenticity

Source: Demand for Authenticity

I found this on a friends sight and all I can think is ” Damn! Out of the mouth of babes.” Here I am lost, only to find desire and wonderful writers such as this, that capture my mind and my heart with loving words of “What if”. That is my job as a writer, the job of every writer, is to look into the imagination of the masses and pull into written word their desire. A treasure of time. To polish that written word so when a reader happens to find said treasure it will play a movie in their mind that makes them dream, long, imagine.

Thank you Bittersweet! Your Demand for Authenticity has pulled at a longing inside of me. I long to inspire the dreamers. I long to dance in the moon light with a trail of millions of wild imaginations winding around my body, collecting their stories. Reflecting their love and their dreams to feed more minds to worship my dance. We live in an amazing time. Where dreams are only limited by the imagination.

Thank you, for reminding me of my Purpose.

Inspiration in Writers Block.

I figured it was time to come out of hiding. For the last few months I have had the most unbelievable time trying to think of something to write. My stories do not thrill me. I guess it is true when you get older it is harder to think of the things that used to flow through you like water… or wine.

I brushed the dust off my PC this morning and took to twitter. Yes even though my writing has left much to be desired my twitter followers grow daily. Strange… but true. I am on the hunt for a new Muse. Something the tickles my very insides and make me gasp for air in delight. A project if you will that I can get lost in now that my world feels at its darkest. The moths of seclusion have brought forth in me a darkness I wish to shed so I may rejoin the abundance of the light hearted beings trying to save this world.

Scrolling through twitter I have found many half inspirational things. So now I have taken to my deeply neglected fan base. Hoping a few are left who follow me that will lift me up even though I am undeserving. Who here has an inspirational story that will bring me out of this truly terrifying gutter?

Being Married to Super Villain.

For those who are just joining me around the world. My name is Rowan Black. I am a sassy curvaceous beauty who likes to sunbathe naked, write wonderful stories, and inspire people in the best ways. I am also Married to a “Super Villain”.

I know you are thinking this might be a touch counter productive.  Me Trying to save the world and him plotting against it.  Why fight it. We have many super villains working in office, one more can’t hurt. But honestly, our home life works well.

Being the wife of the Amazing Dr. Black is not an easy task. One he is a stubborn ass. We fight, we make up. We fight, we go to dinner. We fight. But it is all good and fun because I know that even if I could trust nothing else in the world, I can trust him Completely.

You may not know this about a super villain, if they love you, you never have to doubt them. The only thing is, it is hard (very hard) for them to love. So when you hear me talk about my Amazing Dr. Black, do not take it for granted that he is a nice guy. He is still a super villain. He is still plotting to take over the world. He is still sitting at the head of a league of ruthless individuals that are behind most of the conspiracy theories.  But, I still make him take his shoes off at the door and take out the trash before he relaxes at the end of the day.

You may have grown accustomed to the movie screen villains who bring doom and destruction. But honestly, could you take them seriously in a bathrobe? I am the wife of a super villain. You may not hear much about the affairs of my husband. But I hope you enjoy reading everything else.

Being angry about views, likes, and follows.

After catching up from a horribly busy week, I sat down this morning to catch up on blogs that I am missing. Man, jobs are demanding. And when you are dealing with other people’s money, they are pretty sore when you don’t give it your full attention. But, I digress.  The topic among lots of writers is the views they get. And what I want to know is why are you so angry? I am ecstatic if I get one view a day. and it is usually a week and that is more than likely my husband. He sits at work, at his council of super villains, wondering if I am posting naked in the sun room…. Again, I digress.

The world has billions of people in it. You are not going to get to everyone in a short amount of time. Honestly not everyone is that interested in blogging. So your blog is totally for you. Weather you are wanting to be in the big time or not. The only thing that should run in your brain, why you are writing, is the thought that is bursting to get out. The chances are that someone in the world, at that moment, needs that encouragement, slap in the face or plain old nice words from someone else. We are all connected like that.

Write, like no one is watching. We have a voice in side of us that whispers to us about what we must right. It is not about views or comments. these are things that come with the territory. You want to be popular, then do what you did in high school. Network, make friends, do what you need to to satisfy that instant gratification to prove you are doing something worthwhile with your time.

You want to be a well read blogger… then keep blogging. No one is a success overnight. no one just jumps in a blog and is an instant hit. Listen to the voice in side of you and put your words up for the world to see. If you get something back great! But your blog, should not be judged by your following.