A writers Journey.

For those who write, I want to inspire you. I want to show you that you are not as far from your dreams as you think. For those of you who do not, let me show you what you are missing. Writers are often thought of as lazy people living in an alternate reality. This is not true. We are kind, loving, creative people who have extraordinary minds.

Writers are the daughters who write late at night so you cant watch. The sons who tries to keep his thoughts from ridicule. The mothers who think they are too old for something like that. The fathers who have always dreamed of it but were busy supporting a family. Your dreams are possible. You thoughts can change the views of others and open a window in their minds that allow you to tell them a story.

Your words will fall into the hands of children and make them dream of being something later in life. A policeman, a military strategist, a Doctor or even a writer to inspire generations to come. We are all important. Our words are important. Our thoughts are important. Our dreams are something we can share with others to evoke such happiness and thought. Write with me, share with me, lets change the world together.


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