My Dad and what he taught me.

I have never written anything truly personal. I have talked a ton about the Amazing Dr. Black, but nothing really about my family. The Doctor and I had a wonderful relationship, but, nothing can take the place of a girls love for her father.

My father is a teacher of sorts. A well learned man who loved the supernatural and all things that science couldn’t explain. He loves God and helping people find who they are. My dad is a man of teachings and faith. he has the biggest heart you will ever see and has always said that “Love knows no barriers.” More than anything else, My father believed that people, through the will of god, created Miracles.

I watched My Dad do amazing things. He did not tell me how to love people, he showed me. With everything he did his kindness never faltered, even when the world changed. Some days it feels like the world is crumbling because we have lost something deeper than peoples attention to what is going on in the world. We have lost the meaning inside ourselves. That thing that celebrates joy and searches for truth. That small spark in each of us that imagines and dreams.

My Daddy and his beautiful smile is loosing a battle every day to Dementia.  With that fight I am loosing the talks that we had about love, owning the feelings you have inside, using the strength inside of you to lift up other people. His stories lost.

So in celebration of my Daddy, I want to encourage everyone to sit and think of the things they love. Put down your cell phones and social media or news and tell a story. take thoughts and wield them into a story that comes from your heart. Nurture it, share, love it, and let it grow into something amazing that will inspire and uplift. Not all sad stories depress, sometimes the surrender a little hope before you cry.

In this time so desperately needed…. come with me and create a miracle or two.


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