Fifty Shades of Something More

I have finally sat down to watch the movie “Fifty Shades” and “Fifty Shades Darker”. I didn’t read the books or watch the movies until now because I have researched bondage and it did not interest me. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge Betty Page fan. I just didn’t know how i would handle two hours of it.

I can now say, from a writers and a woman’s perspective, I loved it.

Not the thought of bondage… but the characters emotions drew me in like a good seductive story. if you don’t get stuck on the abuse behind the story and see the characters for who they are, the story is so much better.

The emotional upheaval behind both Anna and Christian are intense. To have a woman who wants nothing more than a beautiful romance tossed into a dark world and finding a man to love, is what every woman dreams of. To have a man who is hard and has grown up jaded by the world and the people in it, finds love. What greater gift can you ask for when you are so broken that there is no chance for you to be right?

Emotionally this story has touched me on a level I didn’t think i could see again. The movie was cast well, the actor on camera creates a magic that you don’t see often. Yes there are things in the book which cause alarm in the extremists… but that is not what captured me. It was the hope.  The hope that even broken, emotionally scared skeptics can learn to love. Learn to love so deeply that they find joy in life outside of their broken mind… and begin to heal. This hope is why I write. It would be a great honor to captured a similar feeling for my readers.

What captures you? What makes you feel like not all love is lost?


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